02 Jul 2014
July 2, 2014

Hall Place

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On Monday 23rd June Year 3 travelled to Hall Place. Hall Place is a Tudor house constructed in fourteen eighty eight.

Our experience was excellent. I idolised the way the bricks were formed.

Before a long time we went in. We staggered to the grand hall of the house. First of all we marched into the kitchen. Helen gave us jobs. The poor was at the end. The rich was on the line of the T. They got the most food and lots of the wine. I was the poor. It isn’t as bad as it looks. I got ale, which is beer but isn’t the adult beer. We also made beeswax candles.


Eventually we moved on (not that I hated Helen’s group). When we was in the grand hall we talked through some rules. After a while we went to see who built Hall Place: It was Sir John. In my vision I saw Henry VIII and Elizabeth I. Ten minutes later we got in Tudor clothes. Even the teachers participated. Then we did a spectacular dance.

After lunch we went to see topiary hedges. I adored them. In the distance there was a stirring sight. Soon enough we went to see where the heads got chopped off. Then we looked at the house. Half was stone half was brick.  It was secured by a jetty at the bottom.  I idolised the building! I really want to go again! Do you want to go?

By Chay B, Year 3.

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  1. Thoroughly enjoyed my trip to Hall Place accompanying Year 3. We all learnt so much about the Tudors. What fun seeing the children dressed up as Tudors and they were fantastic dancers.

  2. It was exiting !

  3. I loved Hall Place thanks for taking us

    Jessica year three

  4. I enjoyed the trip. I had lots of fun! The Tudor dance was excellent! Would you like to go there?

  5. I really enjoyed our trip to hall place

  6. hall place was really fun! Do you want to go
    there ?



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