Our Aims and Vision

Our Aims

At Westgate School we aim to provide the most appropriate education for the individual child. This means that each child will be given access to the curriculum which is geared to their own needs and will provide challenge to ensure progression. We also aim to support the needs individual children have, whether it is with difficulties in learning or in developing special talents.

Our aims encompass spiritual, moral, social, aesthetic and physical development as well as intellectual development. We aim to give children the opportunity to develop their own personality as well as the ability to be a confident member of society.

We aim to provide the child with a full curriculum. We also re-enforce the importance of equal opportunities and respect for others, regardless of cultural differences, and to appreciate the wealth of benefits which can arise in a multi-cultural society.

The school runs a variety of positive reward systems to encourage caring for others, good work and respect for the school and other people. These include stickers, stamps and house points.

Our Vision

“Westgate Primary School is a place of EXCELLENCE”


  • everybody is a leader of learning
  • everybody is welcomed and respects themselves and others
  • everybody is safe, happy and caring
  • everybody contributes and is valued for their individuality, culture and heritage
  • everybody achieves and celebrates their academic, creative, personal, physical, moral and spiritual development