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Westgate Primary

Our History

Westgate Primary School dates back over 200 years.

The school was originally founded in the cottage of Thomas Lear that formed the Dartford Ironworks.

In 1858 due to the generosity of a relative of J&E Hall Ltd., a large local company at the time, a new school building was erected on the same site at a costs of £925.

In 1911 the ownership of the land and the school were transferred to Kent County Council and in 1953 the school was re-organised as a primary school and first named Westgate County Primary School.

During 1975 Kent County Council modernised the building in Summerhill Road which had been Dartford West Secondary Girls School, this became the new home of Westgate County Primary School.  The school remained in this building until the completion of the new purpose build school we moved in to in June 2007.  We are now fortunate to have an excellent building, superb facilities, first class resources and a dedicated staff; all of which ensure the school retains its longstanding and respected presence within the local community.