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Westgate Primary

Our Staff

Executive Headteacher: Mr D. Terry

Acting Headteacher: Mrs J. Evans

KS1 Leader / Maths Leader: Mrs J. Jones

KS2 Leader / English Leader: Mrs J. Daniel

EYFS Leaders: Miss A. Collier / Mrs H. Taylor

SENCO: Mrs R.Srifet-Jenner

Office Staff: Mrs A. Grindley / Mrs L. McFarlane / Mrs S. Harrison

Director of ICT: Mr B Longworth (Cygnus Academies Trust)

Caretaker: Mr K. McNeelance

Designated Safeguarding Lead: Mrs J. Evans

Deputy Safeguarding Leads: Mrs J. Jones / Mrs C. Jones 

Teaching Staff

Reception – Mrs H. Taylor (sports premium)  and Miss A Collier (PSHE/Music)
Year 1 –  Mrs S. Maidment (Science/French)
Year 2 –  Mrs J. Jones ( Maths)
Year 3 –  Miss Olaleye , Mrs. Medley (HLTA/ RE)
Year 4 –  Mr N. Hudson (Modern Languages)
Year 5D -Mrs J. Daniel (English)   Year 5G-  Mrs A. Mansfield (HLTA)
Year 6 –  Mrs K. Collinstone (PIXL)
Intervention / Reading / Teaching Assistant Leader: Mrs C. Jones

Teaching Assistants

Reception – Mrs R. Cavanagh
Year 1 – Mrs S. Sheri
Year 2 – Mrs S. Williams
Year 3 – Mrs D. Bronzini
Year 4 – Mrs C. Taylor
Year 5D -    Year 5G- Mrs C. Friebel
Year 6 -  Mrs K. Mantell
SEN –     Mrs J. Smith
SEN –     Miss J. Streatfield

Midday Supervisors

Lunchtime Manager: Miss J. Streatfield
Midday Supervisors:

 Ms. S. Silva-Henriques

 Ms. A. Noor Mohamed

Ms. S. Crowley

Ms. N. Norris

Ms. K. Costello

Mrs R. Islam