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Westgate Primary

Year 1

Class teacher: Mrs. Maidment

Teaching assistant: Mrs. D. Bronzini


Year 1

In September, some of us have only just turned five and have not been in school for long, so it is very important that we have a lot of practical and play-based activities to help us learn. We are shocking our teachers every day with the great progress we are making!

In our English work, it is really important that we learn to write sentences that make sense, with full stops at the end and capital letters at the beginning. We use our topics to help us to write more fun and interesting things.

We are practising our mental maths through Number Masters lessons. Daily practise of basic skills means we are getting to know numbers really well and are becoming really good at manipulating them. We are learning to add and take away numbers and will move on to multiplying and dividing as well as using language for measuring, shape and time.

Our first topic is ‘What shall I wear today?’ We use Science and Geography to answer this question and learn that in different parts of the world we have to wear different clothes. We will be producing weather forecasts and pack suitable clothing in our suitcases for holidays in Brazil and the Arctic.

In Term 3 and 4, we will be answering the question – ‘Are houses better now or in the past?’ We will be looking at types of houses and how they have changed over time. In History, we will be sequencing timelines of personal and local history.

In our final term, we will be thinking about Dartford. We are going to use our Science and Design Technology knowledge and skills to study Dartford Park and think about why people should visit. This was an exciting topic last year and we are looking forward to a spectacular climax again this year.

Keep an eye on our page to see pictures of our learning and our fabulous work!

Mrs S.Maidment & Miss C. Bethell – Class Teachers


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