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Westgate Primary

Year 2

Class teacher: Mrs. Jones

Teaching assistant: Mrs. Williams

Welcome to Year 2! Class 2J

Read on and find out all about us!
These are challenging times but we have all settled well into year 2 and are eager and ready to learn across the curriculum!
Already we are in the middle of an exciting adventure, hatching eggs and observing how new born chicks develop and change during the first few days of their lives! We actually watched one of our chicks hatching from an egg. It was amazing!!!
We will be developing and building on our skills in reading, writing and mathematics, problem solving and making good progress.
Our first topic will answer the question ‘Is Dartford a good base for exploring Kent?’ We will be looking in detail at our local environment in and around Dartford, understanding where Dartford is in Kent, England, Europe and the world. We will be comparing Dartford to Herne Bay, looking at the geographical similarities and differences, both physical and human.
Our second key question is ‘Why is it important to be a responsible archaeologist?’ We will be like detectives, looking at the evidence. We will investigate the work of Howard Carter and the discovery of Tutankhamun’s tomb, understanding that we can learn so much from the artefacts that were left behind thousands of years ago. We will also be finding out what life was like in Egypt nearly five thousand years ago.
In Year 2 we will be answering the question - ‘How do you attract wildlife into a garden?’ This Scientific question will allow us to investigate what living things need to survive, designing, building and analysing habitats Our curriculum is very exciting and we link our topic work to our learning in other areas of the curriculum,




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