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Westgate Primary

Year 3

Class teacher: Ms. S Walker

Teaching assistant: Mrs. S Williams


Year 3


Welcome to Year 3 and the start of your journey in KS2!

This term, we will start the year with our Realising Aspirations topic focusing on the jobs in the health and leisure industries. We will be taking part in a fitness session run by a trained fitness instructor and visiting the local library to help us find out more about these job roles. In English, we will be learning about British Values and focusing on Mutual Respect, reading the text ‘Two Monsters’ to inspire our writing.

Across the Autumn Term, our Geography topic begins and our overall debate question is ‘Mighty Amazon or Lesser Thames – Are their journeys the same?’ We will be learning about rivers, how they are formed and how they impact the land around them. We will be going on a trip in order to see the features of a river first hand and widen our understanding.

Across the Spring Term, we will be answering the question ‘The Romans made life better in Britain: True or False?’ We will be learning about Roman life in Britain and understanding the numerous reasons for their invasion. We will focus on using a range of sources to answer historical questions. The children will be choosing and using suitable techniques to design and build their own Roman chariots.

In the Summer Term, our Science topic takes place and our question will be ‘Keen to be Green – How can we protect and improve the habitats around us?’ The children will be broadening their scientific view of the world around them. We will be identifying and describing the functions of plants and explore the role of flowers in the life cycle.

We encourage the children to research their topic at home in order to broaden their understanding and ask them to bring their findings into school. Our year 3’s have a very exciting year ahead of them. Our topic work will link to our learning in other areas of the curriculum.

Please remember to visit our page to see our learning and our brilliant work!

Miss Walker – Class Teacher


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