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Westgate Primary

Year 4

Class teacher: Mr. Hudson

Teaching Assistant: Mrs. Taylor

Our resilience today guides us onto our path for tomorrow and in these difficult times, we have been made aware of just how resilient our children are.  Year 4 have started their learning journey showing positivity and that they are ready to undertake lots of exciting challenges and ready to build upon their previous learning to enhance their knowledge of the wider world.

Topic 1- Why do some places have a beach, but Dartford doesn’t?”

Our learning journey will begin by taking us all across the world to explore coastlines and to learn how they are formed. In our first topic, we will be exploring the reasons Why Dartford doesn’t have a beach? We will be developing our map reading skills as well as comparing physical coastal features from Britain and South America. 

To help us understand how coasts are formed, our Science will be intertwined with the study of Rock Classifications and Soils. The children will have the opportunity to become “Rock Detectives” to try and classify the rocks that can be found on a beach.

Linking into our topic of Coasts, we will be invaded later in the year by the Vikings, however, we are not quite sure yet whether they were Heroes or Villains!

Throughout the first two terms, our Maths will focus on Place Value and the four operations. We will be developing our understanding of the areas of study, whilst striving to challenge our greater depth thinkers to maximise the opportunity for reasoning.

Our English across the first two terms invites the children to stretch their imagination through the medium of story writing. This powerful medium allows us to explore worlds through imagery and sound that we cannot currently access through trips to gain an understanding of the wider world. The children will apply both previous knowledge and will learn new skills to bring their stories to life. 

We will also be looking at how we can inform people with factual writing in the form of a non-chronological report about the exciting world of Rocks and Fossils.




Christmas in France




Year 4 English- Term 1



Year 4 Maths - Term 2