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Westgate Primary

Year 5

Welcome to Year 5!

Class Teachers– Ms C. Chidgey

Teaching Assistant – Miss C. Friebel


Year 5

Welcome to Year 5!

We have all settled well into Year 5 and are eager and ready to learn across the curriculum!

This term, we will start the year with our Realising Aspirations topic focusing on the jobs in the health and leisure industries. In English, we will be learning about British Values and focusing on the Rule of Law, reading the text ‘Mr Creep the Crook’ to inspire our writing. We will be visiting a local farm and a local market to enable the children to experience first-hand where their food comes from and the careers that surround it.

Across the Autumn Term, our Geography topic begins and our overall debate question is ‘What makes mountains and volcanoes dangerous? Why are people still attracted to them?’ We will be learning about mountains and how they are formed, as well as natural disasters, such as volcanoes and earthquakes. We will use our Geography knowledge to inspire our written work in English.

Across the Spring Term, our History topic begins and we will be answering the question ‘The Great Fire of London – disaster or opportunity? The question will enable us to investigate The Great Fire of London, as well as The Plague. We are looking forward to creating some exciting artwork based on our topic. We will also be using our knowledge to inspire our written work in English.

In the Summer Term, we will be answering the question ‘ How can we convince people to pick healthier food options? This Scientific question will allow us to investigate which foods are healthier and how we can convince people to make the right choices. We will be creating and making healthy recipes as well as encouraging and motivating other people throughout the school to eat healthily.

We are very excited about our Year 5 journey! Our curriculum is very inspiring and we link our topic work to our learning in other areas of the curriculum. Don’t forget to visit our page to see our learning and fabulous work!

Mrs Chidgey – Class Teacher



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