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Westgate Primary

Year 6

Class teacher: Mrs. Collinstone

Teaching Assistant: Mrs. Mantell

Year 6

We have started the year with our Aspirations for today and our future.  We explored different professions in the infrastructure of the economy and linked this with developing our social skills like team building and communication.  In English, we used the picture book, “Billy’s Beetle”- a lost and found story – to build our own story, making our very own beetles in a matchbox.  It was great fun and the stories were remarkable.

For the autumn term, we are building our knowledge on biomes and the effects of global warming and deforestation on our world.  Our debating question for ACE week is: Global Warning!  Which biome has been worst affected by humans?  What do you think?  In particular, we are focusing on the rainforest and the tundra biome, investigating the climate, the layers of the biome and the animals and vegetation that resides there.  To deepen our learning, we have been writing a diary entry of our trip to the (Amazon/ Conga/ Raintree) rainforest, describing the glorious vegetation and the devastation of the clearing.  We are also writing a leaflet to encourage people to visit either the Amazon rainforest or Alaska, for a trip of a lifetime developing a range of grammar skills to persuade our reader to join us.  For maths, we have developed our understanding of place value to 1,000,000 and used a range of methods and strategies to solve calculations from the four operations including long division, using factors to divide and chunking.  Phew!

Topic Plan

In the spring term, Victorians is our topic.  This will start with, “A day in the life of a Victorian” to immerse the children into what life was like and to develop empathy for them.  We will research some of the greatest inventions of this time and write our own explanation text.  We will also create our own playscript relating to the era.  Our debating question for ACE week is, “Victorian Life: Exploitation or opportunity?  The children will certainly enjoy this as they take on different roles.  For maths, our main focus will be to improve our understanding of fractions and using the four operations to resolve a variety of problems.  Our book for this term will be, “Once”.

During our summer term, the focus will be on theme parks.  We will use the science topic of forces to make our very own prototype ride (in a small version) in teams, using a range of social skills developed over the year.  For English, we will be writing an adventure story with as many thrills as a theme park can give us.  Lastly, for maths, we will further develop our understanding of shape, measure and area.  It will certainly be a busy year, but with lots to look forward to!


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