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Westgate Primary

Good bye Year 6

We have finally reached the end of a very strange year – a year you will be able to tell your children and grandchildren about in the future. When they study the Great Pandemic of 2019-20 in their history lessons – you will be able to say “I was there!”

If you can remember your first day at Westgate all those years ago, you might be feeling some of the same feelings now as you get ready to leave – what will happen next, what does the future hold? These feelings are good because although they might be a little scary, they are what will prepare you for the next part of your school adventure.

I hope as you look back on your time at Westgate there are many happy memories – from things you did in reception, through working with different teachers, ACE adventures, trips out and just making friends.

Despite the strange year we have all been through, you have carried on working, adapting to the new normal with limited play areas and isolation from the rest of the school. You have just kept going and despite a few bumps along the way, I hope Year 6 will be part of the good memories your have of our school.

In particular, you were so lucky to be able to go away for the Kingswood residential weekend unlike many schools who had to cancel. As always, it was a pleasure to be able to come with you and get to know some of you a little better. Seeing nervous young people having a go at a range of activities that pushed them to their limits is always a great thing to see and this year’s group were no different. Watching you climbing up walls and poles, jumping off from great heights and trying lots of new activities made me proud of you and I admire your courage and resilience.

That courage and resilience is what will carry you through the next stage of your lives. In Year 7 there will be happy times and also challenges where you will need to remember you can have a go at anything- if you don’t succeed, remember that most inventions and discoveries failed over and over again before they were turned into success. As we say at Westgate, learn from your marvellous mistakes and don’t give up if things get difficult.

You go forward to your new schools as ambassadors for Westgate – show them the best you and remember what I have said to you about first impressions – make them outstanding because they might stick. Although there might be a few tears as you leave us, go out into the world ready to face whatever the future brings. Come back and let the staff know how you are getting on - we love to know what our leavers get up to in the future.

So, as I share your mixed feelings of sadness to be leaving but excitement about what will happen next, we hope all the words of wisdom we have shared with you over the years, and all the skills you have learned will be remembered as you walk through the gates tomorrow for the last time.