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FILMCLUB is a free after-school activity for children and young people aged 5 to 19. It introduces pupils to the wonder of films by running a weekly club in school to show fantastic movies from every era and corner of the world. Watching a film is anything but passive; FILMCLUB opens the door onto a dazzling world of cultures, life stories, aspirations, times and places.

Why Film?

Film is arguably our richest form of storytelling. It is the democratic art form; everyone can enjoy and understand a film.

At Westgate Primary School we are encouraging children to discuss, debate, reflect and develop their critical skills, embedding film as part of their cultural experience.

Read about how FILMCLUB transforms young lives

FILMCLUB Rules (compiled by all FILMCLUB members)

  • We are sensible when setting up the room.
  • We don’t talk, shout or scream. (except when it’s a scary movie!)
  • We are a fidget free club.
  • We are kind and don’t hurt anyone, we are all friends.
  • We stay in our space.
  • We respect everyone’s opinion and not leave anyone out.
  • We share in everyone’s successes.
  • We always review the films we see. (must be submitted to the school office by Wednesday)
  • We attend every week.


Congratulations to Rebecca, Alice, Sophie and Samuel who have achieved FILMCLUB Leader status


Use the FILMCLUB Review Form to write a review about the film you have watched