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Westgate Primary

School Uniform

At Westgate Primary School we aim to foster a feeling of community within our school.

We expect all pupils to wear school uniform. We believe that it is smart, it gives the school an identity and it gives the pupil a sense of belonging.

We believe that staff are role models for pupils and should dress accordingly.

We believe that both staff and pupils should dress appropriately for the activities they are undertaking.

Where to buy Westgate Uniform

Westgate School Uniform is available from TFS school and dancewear.

Follow the link below to purchase uniform or visit the shop, contact details and address below.

Westgate Primary School - TFS School and Dancewear

We also regularly sell pre-loved second hand uniform that has been donated by our pupils and parents to ensure we are sustainable school. Please look out for information about our school uniform sales in our newsletters and via updates from our PTA.


Pupil’s Dress

Our school uniform is dark green, grey and white as follows:

  • Shirts and blouses – white
  • Polo-shirts – white
  • Trousers or shorts – grey or black
  • Skirts – grey or black
  • Pinafore dresses – grey
  • Summer dresses – green and white, striped or checked
  • Jumpers – green with school logo 
  • Cardigans – green with school logo
  • Socks - white or grey
  • Tights – grey or black
  • Shoes – black

Please click on the link below to read our School Uniform Policy: 



During PE, it is important for reasons of hygiene and safety that pupils have a PE kit to wear. Pupils are required to wear plimsolls, a red, blue, green or yellow t-shirt (depending on the house team they are in) and a pair of black shorts. Earrings must also be removed before any PE lessons.

Pupils may wear a black tracksuit or black leggings for outdoor games in cold weather.

For swimming lessons, each child will need a towel, swimsuit/swimming shorts and for girls a swim hat.

We ask parents and carers to name all items of clothing so that we can return any lost property. 

Art, Craft and Cookery

For some art, craft and cookery activities it is important to protect clothing. Children may be asked to provide an apron or old shirt for this purpose.


Pupils may wear watches but we ask that jewellery is not worn for the school day. Pupils wearing jewellery will be asked to remove it. Pupils with pierced ears may wear plain gold studs but not sleepers or pendant earrings. Any pupil wearing pierced earrings must be able to remove and replace them themselves. The safety of our children is our first priority. Kent Local Authority advises that all jewellery must be removed for PE. It would therefore be very helpful if pupils who wear stud earrings do not wear them on days when they have PE. School staff will accept no responsibility for the safe keeping of watches or jewellery.